Biography: Wiladine Pierrilus

Wiladine Pierrilus was born in La Pointe, Port de Paix at Beraca Medical Center. She is the second child of eight delivered by an American missionary, Caroline Bradshaw, who named her. She was surrounded by nurses and naturally entered a life of service. At age 16, she decided to enroll in Brevet where she studied intensely during 3 years and graduated with laureate honors (valedictorian).  She matriculated to nursing school and received her Registered Nursing degree at 22.

She worked at Beraca Hospital for 5 years then pursued an opportunity in Canada in 1972 where she worked and supported her family in Haiti. She personally supported the work in Haiti by creative arts and crafts projects such as crocheting bonnets, baby booties and vases, embroidery, making Kleenex box covers, and baking.

In 1984, she and her husband returned to Haiti “for good.” She established a clinic in Haut St. Marc where she and a medical team cared for 300 patients twice a week. She personally funded the clinic with her and her husband’s poultry and pig farm projects for seven years.

Patients were charged $2 for a visit. She treated the malnourished, saw thousands of cases of malaria, dysentery, typhoid, pertussis. She treated burn victims, the malnourished, chronically ill, delivered babies, prepared medications in the dispensary, started and managed IVs with the drop counting method, sterilized gloves and syringes, assisted surgeons, and cared for TB and HIV/AIDS patients.

She served Haut St. Marc until the Lord transitioned her and her family to Florida in 1991. She has more than 40 years of nursing experience from hospitals, nursing homes, and agencies. Currently, she enjoys private duty nursing, serving others, and giving.

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