Beraca Medical Center

A private, non-profit 78-bed facility established by UEBH (Union of Baptist Churches of Haiti) in La Pointe des Palmistes, Port-de-Paix serving over 40,000 since the 1940s. 

Services include: Maternity, Pediatric, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease. BMC manages HIV/AIDS, tracks and treats TB, and raises community health awareness.

All institutions formerly opened by UEBH have fallen under difficult times since the departure of the American missionaries from UFM (Unevangelized Field Mission) now called “Cross World,” which supported these institutions.  Despite this, Beraca Medical Center still focuses on delivering quality services available and accessible to all.

Currently, BMC increasingly needs personnel, materials, and equipment. Any help in acquiring supplies and personnel is welcomed to facilitate meeting the community’s needs.

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