Ecole Mary Austen, founded by Rev. Jesumond Pierrilus, opened its coconut straw doors in 1980 to 45 children. Since then, it expanded tremendously to over 1000 students, maximizing the building’s capacity. Ecole Mary Austen has educated thousands of students who have traveled abroad and have pursued professional endeavors across various sectors.

 Rocks Coconut Straw Doors
1979 Collecting rocks for construction - 1980 School coconut-framed  
19901985 School concrete building

In 2008, MIA joined forces with Missionary Enterprises and Sanibel Community Church in Ft. Myers, Florida to remodel, solidify, and add a second story that educates 1st through 9th graders.

We are grateful for the near completion of the school which provides shelter during educational endeavors.

2012 Ecole Mary Austen 2012 Second Story completed

The tragic January 12, 2010 earthquake fortunately did not affect the school, however it shattered many children with fear, preventing them from coming to school.

The continued political unrest, economic volatility, lack of infrastructure, and pandemic has challenged the operations tremendously.  Yet, people are resilient and the mission continues.

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