Haïti: Impoverished Land of Overwhelming Needs

“Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere,” stated a group of missionaries in 1949.  Over two decades later, we missionaries repeat the same slogan. Haiti has degenerated, from exploitation, multiple hurricanes, famine, the January 12th earthquake, and most recently the cholera epidemic.

  • Haiti’s problem certainly is spiritual, permeating all domains from food shortages, immorality, abject poverty, healthcare disparities, exploitation, and illiteracy. 
  • In 1984, Rev. Jesumond and Mrs. Wiladine Pierrilus left Canada after founding Christ’s Messengers In Action, Inc. as an answer to the Great Commission to serve as missionaries in their native land.
  • In 1980, supported by their hard labor and Sister Mary Austen, they opened a school in the brush arbor church in Haut St. Marc with 45 children who were passing barefoot along the dirt road as they chewed sugarcane.
  • Today, this church that is also home to the school, “Ecole Mary Austen“, has educated thousands. We continue to focus on Total Community Development.
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