History Expanded

Various groups came and left Haiti as their approaches farmed poverty, planted division,  and jealousy among impoverished people only to glean social disasters, educational erosion, and spiritual death.

As natives, Rev. and Mrs. Pierrilus know the Haitians’ needs, mentality, and struggles. MIA knows that Haiti will not work with a microwave solution. Spreading the Gospel, establishing meaningful infrastructure, promoting sustainability and self-empowerment have been MIA’s focus for over 3 decades.

We disagree with the claim that Haiti was dedicated to Satan and his angels. Former guardians of the country implicitly agreed to that attestation by declaring voodoo the national religion, second to Catholicism.

In spite of all this, Messengers In Action realizes that neither spirituality alone nor materialistic efforts suffice to tackle the giant of helping to restore Haiti, rather ACTION on both ends need conjugating.

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