Spiritual Ministry

Why is Evangelism necessary? The Gospel is the solution to human problems and the power for everyone’s salvation. 

Rev. Pierrilus is very familiar with the spiritual needs of Haut Saint Marc. A product of the village, he understands their suffering, he has seen their fervor for voodoo, their zeal in practicing black magic, and deficient spiritual provisions due to lack of leadership, which obscures their knowledge of God. 

God called us to bear witness to the Truth, to the multitudes of dying and perishing men, women and children who desperately need the message of God.

MIA does not separate the Gospel from social needs, neither does it separate active deeds from the Gospel; both go hand in-hand. The main purpose of God’s people is to spread the Gospel in a demonstrative and practical way.

 MIA supports Christian education at Ecole Mary Austen.


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