BMC Services

Previously, BMC was purely supported by missionaries making all services virtually free. Currently, a cost is required for certain services; this is necessary to operate the Center. Despite financial challenges, BMC continues to offer the following free services:

  • Family Planning
  • Child Growth and Development
  • TB and HIV/AIDS tracking and treatment
  • Assistance for HIV/AIDS patients


  • On-site dental services have halted due to lack of funds, supplies, and equipment.

House of Hope  (Maison d’Espoir)

  • Founded by Caroline Bradshaw, an American missionary in the 1940s who devoted her life to neglected and disabled children. 
  • House of Hope shelters, nourishes, and provides medical services to needy children.


  • Provides limited serum and urine studies due to suboptimal equipment and operating conditions. Performs HIV testing and reports statistics for infectious diseases.

Outpatient Clinic

  • Directed by Nurse Genia and operated by dedicated nurses and residents
  • Services maternity, pre/post-op patients, family planning, and chronic care visits.  


  • Provides basic medications to service the hospital and local community.
  • Hospitalized patients pay up-front for their medications and supplies for treatment.
  • Limited charitable measures are available for those incapable of paying.
***Please visit the “BMC Needs” page to see a list of department needs***

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